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“Suboxone Nashville addiction clinic is ranked as one of the best treatment centers in the nation. The facility is committed to providing quality care in an environment that supports each patient’s right to recovery. Our committed staff is committed to providing personal, one-on-one treatment and counseling. Our goal is to provide individuals the highest quality of care through an accepting, compassionate and nonjudgmental atmosphere. With the dedication of dedicated professionals, we help individuals suffering from an addiction find the strength to become fully integrated into their community again.”

Suboxone is prescribed to individuals who have suffered an addiction to narcotic drugs, including heroin, morphine, and methadone. The medication is the receptors in the brain and replaces them with buprenorphine, a partial opiate agonist. An opioid, buprenorphine produces a “high,” as well as feelings of comfort, calmness, and serenity. “Suboxone clinics are staffed with certified physicians, therapists, physicians, and medical assistants with expertise in addiction medicine,” according to a press release from the Nashville Center for Substance Abuse and Addiction Services.

suboxone Nashville addiction clinic

Because it is an addiction clinic rather than a residential facility, the Nashville Suboxone clinic accepts patients at any time – but rather than a waiting period for an inpatient stay, the Nashville clinic accepts those coming in on an outpatient basis. A suboxone Nashville addiction clinic outpatient program consists of meeting the patient for a one-hour pre-op visit, receiving detoxification instruction under the supervision of licensed medical personnel, and then being treated at the main Nashville clinic during the course of the outpatient treatment. Suboxone clinics provide convenient, high-quality care for people who are living with the challenge of an addiction to heroin or other narcotic medications. Many times, it can take weeks or months for someone addicted to heroin to find stability in life while going through detoxification and withdrawal, and a suboxone Nashville clinic provides the comfort of having someone available to help when it’s needed.

“The goal at the beginning of the outpatient phase of the treatment is to stabilize the patient so they can make the decision to enter an inpatient treatment setting,” explained Dr. Richard J. Fana, a board certified psychiatrist and medical director of the Nashville Suboxone clinics. “In most cases, the patient will go home for an evaluation in the morning, and in the afternoon the psychiatrist will review the case and suggest some form of treatment that will work for the patient.” In addition to visiting the clinic frequently to monitor progress, the patient will also be referred to an outside therapist for additional counseling. “This counselor may be an outreach worker,” added Dr. Fana.

The Nashville Suboxone clinics also offer in-house suboxone clinics where in individuals who have been detoxified can go for treatments in one convenient location. “Nashville is served by three suboxone centers,” explains Dr. Fana. “One is in Franklin, one is in Brentwood and one is in Lithia Springs. If a patient has his or her detoxification done in Franklin, the physician there can refer the patient to the appropriate suboxone center,” he continued. “Brentwood and Lithia Springs also has suboxone clinics but their locations are not specified.” All clinics offer consistent standards of quality of care and the medications used are specifically designed for the patients’ needs and are accompanied by comprehensive counseling sessions to address the addiction.

Suboxone is a buprenorphine medication, which means it takes effect quickly, providing relief to the addict as well as other family members. Because of the immediate and sustained effect of the drug, addicts often prefer to receive addiction treatment through this type of suboxone program, rather than inpatient addiction treatment at a facility such as an inpatient rehab facility or a residential treatment center. The Nashville Predators of Suboxone addiction clinics use buprenorphine as the primary drug of choice, as it has been shown to be the most effective in combating the physical and emotional addictions, while offering long-lasting results.

An addiction clinic may offer several different types of treatments for an addict, depending on the severity of the addiction and his or her personal preference. One such treatment is known as “Income Replacement Therapy” (IRPT), wherein the patient pays for their own medicinal needs, rather than receiving free medical care through the addiction clinic. Another suboxone medication, known as Naxalone, replaces the patient’s heroin intake with a medication that is equally addictive but less physically harmful. Both IRPT and Naxalone can be combined with counseling, which is an important element in the successful treatment of any addiction.

Many of the clinics that specialize in addiction treatment also offer “hybrid” versions of their more popular inpatient addiction treatment programs. These types of Nashville addiction centers offer the convenience of an inpatient room, with an addiction doctor on hand to provide support while the patient is receiving treatment. They also have the added benefit of a medical staff who is fully trained in the detoxification process, so that they can monitor the vital signs of the patient and can quickly act to prevent overdose or death from occurring. Many of these Nashville addiction clinics also offer outpatient treatment options, in addition to their inpatient addiction treatment options. These treatment options are often reserved for the most severe cases of addiction.