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The folks at Hillandale Partners and Douglas Ebenstein know their stuff when it comes to bringing high-end residential and commercial properties to the market in the Washington, D.C. area. They’ve built numerous high-end luxury apartment complexes, townhouses, and premium hotels for locals and tourists alike. And they’re just getting started. The company has recently started marketing a new development project in southwest Virginia. Known as the Eden Center, the project will feature a mixed-use, premier destination mall featuring retail stores, restaurants, and a slew of high-rise office buildings and condos.

Hillandale Partners and Douglas Ebenstein
Hillandale Partners – Douglas Ebenstein

The folks at Hillandale Partners and Douglas Ebenstein know that the food and beverage industry is booming in the Washington, D.C. area. In fact, they’ve seen the demand for gourmet foods skyrocket for several years now. The result? A growing business population interested in fine dining, casual dining, healthy food, Asian cuisine, European cuisine, and more. The resulting mix is a booming business for local restaurants and pubs across the city. And this trend is only expected to grow more intense.

For many restaurants and bars in the District, catering is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a successful business. This not only ensures a constant supply of fresh food, but also allows for an endless array of business deals to be made with the same clients every week. After all, catering and bar tend to go hand-in-hand. Consider the following areas of the Washington, D.C. area where food and beverage companies are creating new spaces and bringing new clientele:

Fairfax – If you want to break into the highly saturated business opportunities of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, look no further than the popular Fairfax area. Filled with restaurants, boutique shops, and even an ice cream shop, the Fairfax area offers a plethora of dining and drinking options. Some of the dining offerings include a growing number of Vietnamese and Indian cuisine, while developers have been renovating traditional malls to add features like sky lighting and outdoor patios to attract business.

Potomac – Many businesses are looking for ways to tap into the huge business potential of historic Potomac, Maryland. The area, which encompasses Loudoun and Stafford counties, is home to some of the nation’s best restaurants and coffee shops. In addition, new office buildings are being built in the area, including the Potomac Innovation Center, a local think tank that helps local small businesses develop new products and market themselves. The Innovation Center is also offering a new class of business incubators, which work to help entrepreneurs start a new business by providing them with expert advice, guidance, and new resources to help them succeed.

Lorton/ELYndean – This area is becoming one of the fastest growing areas in terms of development in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. As an urban renewal project moves forth on Lorton Island, many businesses are looking to create a home base of operations. To this end, developers are renovating historic homes, while others are building mixed-use buildings. Additionally, the city is looking to attract high-tech firms by offering tax incentives and other incentives to businesses in the area.

Sterling area – A historic enclave just west of Sterling, this area is quickly becoming a hub for new and established businesses in the capital of the Potomac. Several real estate companies, like Sterling Properties and partnerships with local governments and state agencies such as the Virginia Department of General Services, are offering attractive financing deals to businesses as they develop new facilities. Major projects include a new outpatient clinic, a senior center, and a public library. Meanwhile, the city is undergoing an historic makeover.

All of these cities are in play in the Potomac. In total, there are eight cities in all that are being targeted for major growth. This is part of a package of economic development programs being pushed by Hillandale Partners and Douglas Ebenstein. The cities and business in the area will have an impact on the national economy, in addition to providing employment to the area’s growing population.