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If you are suffering from any form of knee pain or discomfort and want to find the best treatment option available, it is advisable to consult an orthopaedic specialist in Singapore. The term orthopaedic refers to treating the knee and specifically the knee joint. As there are different types of orthopaedic specialists available in Singapore, it is important to know the best options available before consulting them. In this article, we will discuss the most common orthopaedic conditions in Singapore and their treatment options.

The first condition is the anterior cruciate ligament condition or ACL. ACL refers to a medial protective cartilage around the back of the knee and is injured in ACL injuries. This cartilage cushion eventually becomes swollen and becomes very painful, resulting to sliding on the surface of the pavement when going about normal daily activities. Another treatment option for this condition is total knee replacement surgery in Singapore. Total knee replacement surgery is the name given to surgical procedure wherein the entire knee is replaced with a metal plate. However, ACL replacement surgery is more invasive and may require more time to heal.

orthopaedic specialist singapore
orthopaedic specialist singapore

The second condition is a patellar subluxation. As the name implies, this refers to a tear in the kneecap, commonly caused by flat feet. Knee experts in Singapore are highly trained to treat this condition, which is one of the leading reasons why people visit the doctor when they feel pain in their knee.

The third condition is osteoarthritis, which refers to the degenerative process that affects the knee. Osteoarthritis can be developed through numerous means including repetitive motions like sitting down for a long period of time, straining while walking or standing, or aging. A consultation with an orthopaedic expert in Singapore will help you determine whether you really have this condition or not. During your consultation, your physical examination will help the expert to establish the source of your symptoms and the severity of your condition. With this information, the expert can then determine how best to treat it.

The fourth condition is menisciitis, which is inflammation of the meniscus. This can occur as a result of overuse of the knee, making the pressure worse. When menisciitis occurs, the meniscus becomes swollen and irritated, making it difficult for the knee to move properly. Your orthopaedic specialist will guide you to the best form of treatment based on the severity of your condition.

The fifth and final condition is tendonitis. This is a degenerative knee condition that occurs due to too much use of the muscles in the knee. The condition results from scar tissue that has formed around the muscles of the knee. This is a painful condition, but one that can be treated through your doctor’s care. Your orthopaedic specialist will examine your knee and perform a series of procedures to help you with this disorder.

These are the five most common knee conditions in Singapore. Experts from these clinics will assess your condition and help you find a solution. With their knowledge, you can choose a procedure that is tailored to suit you. Your orthopaedic specialists will also give you advice on exercise routines that are beneficial to the knee. They will even assist you in learning more about the latest surgical techniques available today.

In order to get the best care possible, it is always important to consult with an orthopaedic specialist in Singapore. They will be able to determine the real cause of your condition and help you choose a treatment plan that will work for you. With this in mind, you can avoid getting worse and prevent a future occurrence of this painful disorder. You can also learn more about the various treatment options and what works best for your particular condition. With proper care, your condition can improve and you can resume your active lifestyle without fear of further injury or pain.