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Texas Holders of Texas Birth Certificates (TX Certificate of Birth) are allowed to have a TX apostille service without the need to obtain another copy of the document. The TX Baptism and Birth Certificates Office do not issue duplicate documents. If a TX Certificate of Birth is required for a Texas Marriage License, one may attend any ceremony that accepts an oath of office and produce one’s original copy of this document along with an original birth certificate of the person claiming the marriage or birth. One need not appear personally at the office to procure either the original or a new birth certificate. The same applies to those who obtain TX Marriage Licenses.

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An original document is issued by the State of Texas. The document must be produced in the prescribed format prescribed by the State. A facsimile or reprint of the original document will not be acceptable as a legal document. The only acceptable form is a certified reproduction. Obtaining one of these is not difficult, as many reputable companies offer these for a small fee.

There is no legal or other issue that requires a duplicate of this document. It will be accepted as a valid document by most business establishments in Texas. For example, the issuance of a Texas marriage license will require one to produce a duplicate of the document. Some loan institutions will accept the original document along with a facsimile or reprint. There are a few merchants who issue debit cards bearing the mark of the Texas Department of State Health Services. If one has a debit card, one may use it as a valid document and can acquire a new birth certificate in this format.

For those who would still like to have a copy of this document, one can have it printed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. This is because the only requirements are that one is an adult and that one is resident in Texas. For one to be eligible for this service, they must fill out the Application for a Texas Certificate of Birth, and then wait for their application to be approved. After approval, one will receive a certificate of birth, which can be faxed or mailed to them.

In addition to receiving the original document from Texas, one may also send a photocopy of the document to another party. This can either be done through email or fax. Depending on the method of document delivery, one may receive their document in about a week to ten days.

Those who need the original document delivery services should check with their local district office to see what their options are. Each office has its own document delivery services. Those who do business with the DPS can get the same document delivery services that are offered to others. However, it may take a little longer.