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LoL Coaching is the best way to improve at LOL. This is one of the greatest game in the world. Many people have tried to improve their game with some help from a coach and got nothing to show for it. Coaches are very useful in helping people find their strengths, weaknesses, game strategies, etc. You might be wondering what kind of coaches are there online, so let us take a closer look.

League of Legends Coaching

Free League of Legends Coaches. This is my favorite site by far. League Coaches, or LCL as the domain name states, offers the most comprehensive list of coach rankings with over fourteen thousand coaches serving over twelve thousand players on six different servers. The coaches are ranked according to their performance, achievements, and various other factors that are used in determining who is the best coach.

Free League of Legends Coaches Ranking. This site is similar to the aforementioned one but is slightly different in that the ranking is based solely on player performance, achievements, etc. The coaches are again ranked according to their performances.

Paid Coaches and Ranking. You might wonder why Coaches are considered to be paid when the above two sources are free. It is mainly because the paid ones have a much better reputation than the free ones and many people will tell you that these coaches are more reliable than the free ones.

League of Legend Coach Ranking. These rankings are actually updated on a regular basis by many people who are involved in the League community. These people compile a big list of coaches and rank them according to their performances. In this case the list of Coaches are updated on a monthly basis so that it will be easier for you to choose coaches according to their skills. You can also go through the coaches and see how they respond to your questions and how long they have been in the coaching profession.

Free LOL Coach Ranking. If you don’t mind spending a little money then I recommend that you go through this site because you will get coaches ranked based on how often they update their Coaches rankings. For most of the Coaches you can get updates every month, which is much better than the ones who update their rankings only once in every 6 months.