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The Vancouver Home Maintenance Company is a leader in the pressure washing industry and a true asset to the commercial property owners in Vancouver. We offer a full range of services to the commercial and residential property owner in Vancouver, including pressure washing from Vancouver Home Maintenance, to our regional customers, including:

pressure washing from Vancouver Home Maintenance

New equipment. Our Vancouver Home Maintenance Company has been innovating new equipment for the last decade, including a unique line of floor-standing washing machines and dryers. Our company is committed to bringing innovative new equipment to our customers in the Vancouver Home Maintenance industry and our commercial property owners enjoy the wide range of new models that we provide.

New technology. We continually monitor the latest trends in technology in pressure washing equipment and continue to update our products and services. We can offer you the latest in equipment and technology, so you can be sure that you will always have the latest and most technologically advanced cleaning equipment available in the pressure washing industry.

Better service. You have the option of hiring one of our trained staff members to come to your property to give you a full assessment of the cleaning needs in your area and to schedule the best cleaning equipment and services for your commercial property.

A full range of services. Whether you need a full assessment of your commercial property or just need to schedule a quick service, our staff can help you with a full range of services to help you make the most of your commercial property cleaning budget. Our trained staff members can help you find the best commercial pressure washing equipment to meet your cleaning needs and our trained staff members can provide you with a variety of cleaning services to make your commercial property cleaning and maintenance more efficient and cost effective. Our trained staff can provide a full range of service for your commercial property including:

As a leading commercial pressure washing company, we have been providing quality service to our commercial property owners and property managers in the Vancouver Home Maintenance industry for the last decade and we are continuously innovating and testing new cleaning equipment, technology and services to make our customers’ lives easier and our commercial property cleaning budget more effective. You can learn more about pressure washing and other cleaning services at our website. You can also learn more about our cleaning equipment and services at our website.