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Dog Wheelchairs and Kayaks For Pets In a Small Apartment By: Lisa Lindsay – KayakPro’s owner and Board Member Lisa Lindsay has been a practicing physical therapist for over a decade. When it comes to caring for her patients, she first listens to their pains and then works to ease their pain.

She knew she wanted to devote her career to Veterinary Science. Because there is a lot of focused work and intense research that goes into creating new and improved medical treatments, there are not as many doctors left in the world who know everything about animals. In order to fill the vacant spots in Veterinarian Schools and to keep the employment numbers growing she needed help.

It wasn’t that long ago that physicians had to learn a lot of different skills in order to treat animals. There were no good courses for people with no background in pets, so a few veterinarians went online to learn how to care for animals. Lisa was one of those people.

Lisa found out that in order to become a primary care veterinarian, one had to go to an accredited school in a specific area. She went online and researched which schools offered programs for veterinarians who wanted to learn how to help pets, and what types of classes they offered.

It didn’t take long before she learned that there were websites offering the courses she wanted. But, when she found out how much money it would cost to get a degree in this area, she was discouraged.

That is when she decided to compare all the courses out there. She also did some of her own research. After looking at many of the courses on line, she quickly learned that it was just not possible to learn everything she needed to know about the animal world.

While she wanted to be a veterinarian, she knew that it would be best to enroll in a program that would help her meet all the requirements that needed to be met in order to get into a school in the area where she wanted to study. It would also help her get a job once she finished the program.

As she looked at the veterinary sciences, she realized that it was the early stages of their career development, so there were not many jobs available. Of course there are plenty of schools that offer courses in animal science, but there were not enough job openings to go around.

She also discovered that there were very few pet care centers that had programs for veterinarians. Because most pet care centers usually had to rely on very small and temporary staff, they weren’t able to hire qualified veterinarians.

Pet care centers were in desperate need of qualified veterinarians, but not enough to give them the training they needed to maintain their jobs. Lisa saw this as an opportunity to set up her own business and help veterinarians who were in need of additional training.

The first thing she did was locate a dog wheelchair for her pet. She found a great deal of information on these chairs online and created a customized wheelchair to accommodate her dog’s mobility. Kayaks for Pets In a Small Apartment is located in a two story Victorian house in Charleston, South Carolina.

The luxurious interior reflects her passion for art and design. The house is full of handcrafted wood furniture and romantic lighting.