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Cat trees are an excellent addition to any kitty’s playroom. It is great to get a bit of privacy and hide your pups from prying eyes but you can’t just give them the perfect place to jump around and scratch the walls!

Cat trees come in many different shapes and sizes and can help turn your indoor environment into a wonderful place to spend quality time with your favorite feline. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of cat trees.

Aesthetics cat trees have an incredibly positive effect on the mood of those who enter your home. You can have a cat tree shaped like any piece of furniture you choose from your home – the sky is the limit. With a cat tree shaped like a fancy coffee table or an expensive bookshelf, you can easily turn a room’s main attraction into a focal point.

Security Having a cat tree out front of your home gives your cat its own safe and nice place to go to the bathroom. Many cats spend a lot of time outside on their own, not only because they want to get out of the heat but also because they do not have a place to go when the weather turns cold.

cat trees

Cat Furniture As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of options for cat furniture available in any size and shape you need. Some of the most popular styles include the Jenga-like style with a mirror on the side that allows your pet to climb up and down the ladder to its bathroom area, or the long narrow cat tree type that can be used as a scratching post. You can even find cat trees shaped like chests of drawers and picture frames.

Keeping your kitty healthy Having a well-lit room is one way to keep your cat happy and healthy. A brightly lit room with plenty of activity will encourage a curious cat to explore its surroundings and therefore its natural instinct to seek out a cool and refreshing place to scratch. If you want to keep your kitty safe from harmful environmental agents, make sure there is plenty of light in the room, especially when the room is not occupied by your own cat.

Cat training When your cat is older and trying to use the pet door, you can use cat training to teach your cat to use the door. With a little patience and persistence, the cat will learn that if it wants to go to the bathroom it must get in your face and show the correct behaviour.

“Why do cats like it warm?” This is a very important question. Since cats will naturally gravitate to areas that offer shelter and warmth, having a cat tree outdoors is one way to make your cat’s playroom a safe and cozy place to curl up and relax.

Consider your options before making a decision about which one to buy. A cat tree is an incredibly versatile item. There are all kinds of styles and colors to suit the budget and decor of any home.

Just remember, choose a tree that will give your cat the right shade and protection it needs, and the fun it deserves. Cats are naturally inquisitive, and they love to scratch and explore. These outdoor furniture items will allow them to get in and out and hold a quick and dirty game of peekaboo!