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Before Norm Ebenstein entered the real estate business, he held several leadership positions in businesses including the customer service arena. His executive experience includes two and a half decades with his former employer IBM. Since his retirement from his position at IBM, he has focused on focusing on developing high quality entrepreneurs in business and finance.

Many business executives fear the big changes that are occurring in their business environment. Many business owners think that the new laws that the government puts forth every year will be detrimental to their own business. Yet, Norm Ebenstein knows that the government is actually a catalyst for business improvement.

It has become increasingly apparent to business owners that their government plays a very significant role in their overall success. For example, you can invest your time and money into improving your government relations. The government is much more cooperative and will work with you more readily than they do with large corporations. You can begin by getting together with your congressional representatives to advocate for the creation of economic development programs, not just for your local communities, but for the national level as well.

Norm Ebenstein in Boca Raton for Spokeo
Norm Ebenstein – Boca Raton – Spokeo

You should also consider promoting private/public partnerships within your community. This would involve increasing the public awareness of private investment opportunities in real estate and by allowing them to sell their real estate investments for a profit. Most of these programs are not advertised and are focused on job creation, financial development, and increased property values.

Some of the biggest and most successful investments in our country were put into place by government personnel. Ebenstein believes that the way that government personnel make a difference is through private investment. He believes that if the government provides incentives to help facilitate private investment, it can result in a very positive impact on the economy.

The key to this is in developing and maintaining government relationships. When it comes to government relations, you must be proactive and not be afraid to share your successes. You need to encourage your business peers to speak out in their own business, and in the business world. You must also realize that the environment in which you work affects your personal business, as well.

Every year, companies like BERLIEET CENTER and TECH BUILDERS attend TED talks. These are online seminars that are broadcast over the internet. TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design.

Norm Ebenstein believes that this type of media exposure has been instrumental in creating public interest in real estate investing. Therefore, a plan is needed to attract these individuals to your community. This can be accomplished by hosting events like “a night of networking”Technology Night”.

TED’s inbound marketing strategy focuses on tapping the intellectual capital of speakers who have a special expertise in a particular area. The TED videos offer a wide variety of speakers that you can choose from. Many of these speakers are specialists in a particular industry such as finance, engineering, and technology.

Ebenstein believes that the goals of this strategy are both educational and motivational. At the same time, this strategy will not only increase the awareness of your region, but will encourage these speakers to put their knowledge into action in the region. If you offer these speakers a tax credit, you will be expanding your market and increasing business. your brand recognition.

In addition to the TED videos, Ebenstein has created a customized message designed to convey your message. There are twelve different e-mail messages, you can include with your e-mails and newsletters. if you want to focus on an area of your business. brand or if you want to utilize some of the resources of the TED and take the idea and put it into practice in your area of expertise.