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For many, the best answer to the problems of traditional and overloaded wardrobes is bespoke fitted wardrobes. A bespoke fitted wardrobe is a huge improvement on a traditional fitted wardrobe and the space savings are immense. You will find that these new methods of storing clothes are far more energy efficient than standard storage units, but it’s not just their saving of energy they provide.

And for those who need to be able to tailor wardrobes to their own individual needs and requirements, they are the best solution. The main advantage of a bespoke fitted wardrobe is that you can change the configuration to fit your needs in a way that a standard storage unit simply cannot do. Because of this you can now choose from three configurations: two-tone, inlaid or short wardrobes for loft conversions, or you can get bespoke walk-in closets, which are just as suitable for loft conversions.

With a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you can also get fully adjustable trays, which mean that your wardrobes can be adjusted to any position for storage. This enables you to keep clothes neatly stored while at the same time ensuring that clothes do not pile up on top. You will also find that bespoke fitted wardrobes are better for loft conversions.

So how are these rooms set up and what do they give you, over traditional fitted wardrobes? Here are some of the key benefits to owning a bespoke fitted wardrobe.

You can fit two wardrobe units side by side in a room, providing you have the same width and height as the existing rooms, but have the ability to store about the same amount of clothing. This means you can keep two things in one room, rather than two things in two rooms.

bespoke fitted wardrobes

These wardrobes are usually smaller in size than a full-length wardrobe, but this size difference makes them ideal for loft conversions. The space saving of a smaller wardrobe means that you can afford to create an extra space in your existing loft conversion, with no extra costs being incurred. This also means that you have less to carry around when moving your items from the traditional loft conversions into the new one.

A smaller wardrobe means you have fewer problems with the cleanliness of the wardrobes, especially with smaller sizes. This is due to the fact that the smaller units need less space for them to be clean, they are more hygienic, and because of the fact that it is easier to wipe down the smaller units with ease. This, in turn, also means that you do not have to worry about skin and clothing coming in contact with each other, either.

These new styles of wardrobes enable you to transform the look of your loft conversions without having to tear out walls and rearrange furniture. This means that you can put all of your extra space to good use, allowing you to easily convert the rooms into a separate bedroom, a bar area, a home office, an area for the kids to play or even an area where you entertain.

These wardrobes are made from all sorts of materials, including leather, canvas, solid wood and glass, but there is something about them that gives them their durability and longevity. Because of this, it’s very easy to create bespoke walk-in closets that suit your needs and tastes.

These wardrobes are available in a number of different sizes, meaning that you can get the perfect fitting wardrobe for your requirements. This means that you can keep a lot of clothing in a smaller closet, enabling you to store clothes in your loft conversions effectively and easily.

As the term suggests, they are often used in loft conversions, or wherever you have a space to spare. They are often used for light crafting rooms, to replace several rooms which are currently being used, or for a child’s bedroom.

Again, the choice is endless and the quality of designs and styles is fantastic. so if you’re thinking about getting yourself some bespoke fitted wardrobes, then look no further!