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Treasure Valley, Idaho is home to the perfect studio for makeup artists, and you don’t even have to drive to Boise to get it. Nampa Cosmetic Studio offers a wide range of services for those who want permanent makeup in Boise, including permanent eyeliner, permanent eye shadow, brow pencils, make up applications, and eyelash extensions.

nampa cosmetic studio

If you are looking for permanent makeup in Boise and don’t know where to start, then you will be happy to learn that Nampa has a permanent makeup studio right outside of the city limits. For both artists and clients, the studio is located next to highway I-84. So, it only takes a quick drive from Boise for temporary makeup in Boise.

From day one, Nampa is a family owned and operated company. Owner and founder Sherry Sherman were trained at the Savannah College of Art and Design and has been practicing for the past twelve years.

During that time, she has worked with many clients to help them achieve permanent makeup in Boise, including the School of Visual Arts, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and the YWCA. This experience has helped her find ways to improve her studio’s services. With this knowledge, she set out to create a permanent makeup in Boise that is different from any other in the area.

In addition to permanent makeup in Boise, the studio also offers permanent makeup in Treasure Valley. The studio is called Treasure Valley East, but most of the products are made in Nampa. This is because Nampa makes the products that are used by Sherman’s studio.

You will be able to find all of the products that you need for permanent makeup in Treasure Valley. The studio offers a wide range of products for all skin types, including cosmetic products for brown skin, fair skin, medium skin, and even dark skin. The studio also offers the same services that Nampa is known for, but with additional attention to make clients feel comfortable. This means that clients can enjoy a complimentary manicure and pedicure when they visit the studio and feel like they are a member of the family, too.

The studio also offers packages for clients that are on a budget. There are also unlimited services to keep costs down for the non-professional. In fact, a full benefit is included in the price of an appointment, which is why so many people prefer it to a standard set rate.

The studio is located near several restaurants and shopping opportunities in Nampa. This keeps the studio accessible for those who live nearby, whether they are working or not.

You can even find things to do while you are visiting the studio in Nampa. So, while you are working, you can go shopping, shop at the beauty supply store, or visit the bookstore.

All in all, the studio offers permanent makeup in Treasure Valley, as well as permanent makeup in Nampa. You can learn more about the studio by browsing its website.

Take a look and find out if the studio can meet your needs for permanent makeup in Boise. As long as you want to get permanent makeup in Boise, you can find the studio nearest you.