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I read many testimonials and success stories in all walks of life. I have read testimonials for everything from a strong can of spray paint to an automobile. I’ve seen millions of dollar messages and thousands of online sales pages. Most of these testimonials are positive as well as a few negative, but what is the big deal with them?

Norman Ebensteins testimonials and success stories
Ebenstein’s Testimonials and Success Stories

Many people have a problem with testimonials and success stories. The trouble is that most people believe everyone who writes or speaks negatively about a product. I’m sure you can recall the last negative review you saw on the Internet.

To my surprise, Norman Ebenstein, a successful real estate investor and marketer have not been a vocal critic of the product. What I found interesting was that he really seems to love the product. In fact, he has written about how he first became a believer.

Ebenstein wrote, “After receiving OzGenetics by mail, I was convinced. Like the best-selling book, I was amazed by the level of detail in the web-based training and learning system. My desire to return to business immediately mounted as did my willingness to apply what I’d learned.”

There is something about Ebenstein’s testimonials and success stories that bring to mind another aspect of testimonials and success stories. Is it possible to read these testimonials and success stories and come away feeling like this product will work for me? Is it possible that the testimonials and success stories I read could be true, even if the seller didn’t say so himself?

Testimonials and success stories can be true if you dig down and find the part of the message or story that the person has positive to say about the product. When someone writes or speaks negatively about something, that is their opinion. It could be true or it could be false. Sometimes a person may be thinking and talking about their opinion, but it could be as a reflection of something they have learned from someone else.

It is said that one of the best testimonials and success stories that you’ll ever read is from someone who was treated badly in the past. Maybe they had to quit something they loved because of a difficult boss or a bad financial situation. The thought process of this person will now be focused on finding a positive way to approach situations and overcome challenges.

In this case, the person is now on a mission to avoid something they disliked in the past and look for a positive way to approach a sales page or even a website. If you give someone a positive message, that may be their first and only chance at telling someone else about the same thing. If they are told how to do it once, they may be willing to tell others how to do it.

So, when you read the testimonials and success stories from Norman Ebenstein, take some of the elements that you notice. Those who write about their desire to stop smoking cigarettes may have changed their views of what smoking means to them because of the OzGenetics e-books or the smoking cessation program.

Take the feedback you are reading and applying to your own lives and build upon those beliefs with reviews. I’ve found that when I take the criticism of others and use it to build my new positive perspective, the positive change happens sooner than later.

You can read all the testimonials and success stories and not see results for you that you desire. You will see results when you seek out the feedback of other individuals, take what they’re saying to heart and apply them to your own life. If you aren’t happy about something, ask those who are and discover how you can make their lives better.