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Yoga is often a health and fitness routine of choice for many Americans. However, there are some who will use yoga to eliminate stress or just to improve their overall health. A spa like the Detox spa offers a variety of treatments for every part of your body.

This has been the inspiration for the creation of the fitness retreat. The spa was started in 1997 by Pamela Guerena, who got tired of seeing lots of spa guests suffering from the same ailments over again. She wanted a way to improve their overall well being and made the decision to focus on health and wellness rather than on cosmetic beauty. Today the spa is known worldwide for its natural and organic treatments.

The spa provides an array of treatments that is unlike any other type of treatment in a traditional sauna room. They are all natural and focus on the body’s functions and what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They include acupuncture, Swedish massage, Tai Chi, meditation, Qi Gong, natural cleanses, deep tissue massage, eye and muscle relaxation, dietary and nutritional counseling, herbs, and yoga.

A few of the most popular treatments at the spa include Thai massages, which provide a calming effect, and Reiki, which use energy healing to treat deep-seated tensions in the body. A mind-body connection is one of the main goals of the spa. A low intensity course of treatments can help you improve your mood and create a sense of inner peace, which helps you tackle your stress.


The Detox Spa has developed several programs for yoga to help you reduce stress and control your weight. The yoga program teaches you to stretch the body and open up various areas in the body so you can handle your stress better. The program also helps you to bring your focus to an internal level, which makes the body work harder to respond to the stresses that you have throughout the day.

The yoga programs teach you how to breathe correctly and how to maintain proper posture when you are trying to lose weight. It is said that a body that is strong has no need for food. Yoga and the Detox spa help you to release stress and feel physically and mentally renewed.

Many people attend yoga classes to get more “flow” and to ease their tension. The yoga program at the Detox spa uses yoga postures and poses designed to reduce stress. The positions are similar to those you would see in yoga classes, but the movements are much more complex. The purpose of the exercises is to help you open your mind and heart.

There are also a few special detox programs available, which allow you to bring your yoga into your life and use your skills in order to detox your body. You can perform yoga poses on your own, or you can join a training class to learn the art of yoga in a way that fits your schedule. It is one of the few wellness resorts where there is a special program for those who want to lose weight and improve their health and wellness.