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Norman ‘Norm’ Ebenstein Biography goal in life is to bring awareness about the relationship between humankind and the planet. His new book is The Unnatural. It is not the first one by him, but it is definitely one of the best.

We are taught that all that exists must be based on conventional wisdom. That is how we learn. We know the rules but we still have to try to break them. Ebenstein does this with humor and great insights.

He is able to do this because of his childhood, where he was in a gang of his own kind. He understood his fate from an early age. His shortness of stature and limited growth required strict clothing, shoes, and a belt. He learned early that you could survive by being resourceful.

This idea has driven his work. He realizes that if we can learn to use our resources in a new way, we can learn how to survive. We have to go beyond the rules to learn new ways to survive. It is really that simple.

Ebenstein shows us that. He illustrates this by using real life examples. Like taking advantage of the environment around us. A power saw that cuts through wood very easily can be used for sawing trees. This can be used to save money and lessen pollution.

Ebenstein writes in a very entertaining way, but he makes it possible to relate these simple ideas. One example is when he shows us how cleaning is not as hard as we think. You can see how simple ideas could actually change our lives. In fact, they can change our world.

We see examples of this throughout The Unnatural. Examples of what people can do to make their world better. A simple “jerry can” is used to get things done.

Ebenstein is a success because he gives us that look into our future. If we understand what Ebenstein is talking about, we can then do what he asks. I am glad he is teaching us. I plan to take advantage of the lessons in this book.

norm ebenstein